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Oil & Gas Division


Oil Field Equipments

  • Line Hangers
    Line Hangers
  • Completion Tools
    Completion Tools
  • Float Equipment
    Float Equipment
  • Fishing


  • Oil Purifiers
    Oil Purifiers
  • Expansion Joints
    Expansion Joints
  • Float Equipment
    Valves & Fittings
  • Motorized Pumps
    Motorized Pumps
  • Seamless Pipes
    Seamless Pipes
  • Mechanical Valves & Fittings
    Valves & Fittings
  • Flanges



PETSE represents some of the leading names in the industry. We can provide an unrivalled service and become a single source of supply for your oil & gas or non oil and gas requirements. We provide compelling business opportunities to entrepreneurs around the world.

We strive to meet the challenge of the ever-changing high tech products and systems/ solutions to support demand of our clients. PETSE manufacturing facility produces tools and products to Saudi and GCC market to meet the demand with quality product, On-Time delivery and competetive price.

PETSE aims to go beyond our client's satisfaction. Our prime assets are the expertise of our employees. We have established offices, divisions, branches and joint venture globally and developed relationships with world class oil and gas services companies. Through these assets, PETSE engineering will provide consultancy services to the oil & gas industry to improve cycle time and optimaize production of oil wells.

PETSE professional team of managers, engineers and workers are capable of planning, designing and executing multi-faceted projects, from drafting to commissioning. Our total package solution is engineered to meet the diverse requirements of any project.

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